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I am an air quality enthusiast and consultant for Clean Air Korea, providing advice to help protect people from air pollution, including deadly PM2.5 micro-dust.  Click to visit the Answer Blog for help and ideas with masks, purifiers, air monitors, and more!  Or join our 3,700+ member Facebook Group: Clean Air Ideas in Korea.  I'm here to help, no matter where you are!

Woman in vogmask


There are many good masks, and many more poor ones.  Seal and fit to your face are most important.  Children have different needs than adults.  We'll offer quality suggestions worth trying.

Xiaomi DIY air purifer
Build a purifier and save!

I will be adding another DIY purifier video this coming weekend.  This will show you how to easily and inexpensively build 15 to 20 square meter purifiers for bedrooms that work great!  Cover an 18-pyung house with 5 units totaling 165,000 won, and keep it cleaner than with a single large purifier costing twice the price!

PM2.5 air monitor
Air Monitors


Read my blog post about a variety of air monitoring devices available for purchase.  Accuracy of certain measurements is not always perfect, but they are useful!